Cordless impact wrenches generally demand a trade- off between power and comfort.  Impact wrench is not a must have automotive tool, but it is definitely a really – would like to have tool. Also known as an air gun, a torque gun

The level of torque output at the flick of a button.  Many different projects, ranging from residential to Do It Yourself (DIY), require the use of impact wrenches in their industrial for the success of your project.


This task of selecting the best impact wrench for the money can prove to be quiet tricky if you don’t know your basics such as which wrench to use for the removal of screws and nuts into the surface that you are working on.

The criteria of compatibility and power would give you an idea about which wrench should be used and when it should be used. For an impact wrench to be the best, the factors such as its noise level, torque, weight, size, product warranty, power regulator, torque adjustment etc should be considered. Following are the steps about how to use an Impact wrench:

Assembly: With the help of the manual you should assemble the product. Detailed description about the product is always mentioned in the user manual. If there arises any difficulty about how to assemble the product you can always take help of the videos available on WrenchAdviser for informational guide regarding the product.

Testing: After the product is assembled it is very important to test the product.

Speed Configuration: It is important to select the correct speed before using the impact wrench. You should first assign the desired speed using the dial or switch on the wrench.

In the recent years air impact wrenches have been tremendous innovation. They have become significantly lighter, more powerful and more energy- efficient. However there is no outright ‘Best’ impact wrench and the effectiveness of a wrench depends on the task at hand and making the right choice according to the need.

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